Investigate Assassination Attempt Against Human Rights Worker

Originally published on August 20, 2014, at

Target: Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of South Sudan

Goal: Investigate the assassination attempt against a prominent human rights activist

A human rights activist known for his anti-corruption campaigning was speaking outside with his friends when a man armed with an AK-47 fired at him. The human rights defender was wounded in the leg before the gunman escaped. No one has been arrested for the attempted murder. Demand that the government of South Sudan launch a full investigation into this attempted murder.

Advocating for the people of South Sudan, Deng Athuai Mawiir had recently called for accountability for murdered civilians in the current armed conflict. Although armed security personnel witnessed the assassination attempt against Mawiir, none attempted to apprehend the gunman.

In early July 2012, Mawiir was kidnapped and beaten for his work exposing corruption scandals. Mawiir was physically assaulted for three days in an attempt to intimidate him. Threatened with violence and assassination attempts, Mawiir continues to defend human rights in South Sudan.

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