Facebook Photo Leads to Indictment of 7 Jail Guards

Originally published on September 11, 2014, at NationofChange.org

Seven York County Jail corrections officers have been indicted on drug smuggling and conspiracy charges by a grand jury. The investigation began in February when an officer in central Maine found a Facebook photo taken by an inmate inside his jail cell. The inmate allegedly sold drugs and other illicit contraband supplied by his guards.

On February 26, York County Jail inmate Chase Bellefountaine added a profile picture of himself standing inside his cell. After seeing the photo posted on Facebook, a law enforcement officer in central Maine recognized the background and notified York County Jail officials that Bellefountaine had likely smuggled a cell phone into the facility. Guards searched his cell and belongings but could not locate the cell phone.

As the investigation continued, law enforcement officials received information that Bellefountaine had been selling drugs in jail. Officer Connor Bogan reportedly smuggled marijuana and suboxone into the jail for Bellefountaine to distribute. In one incident, a corrections officer allegedly smuggled drugs into the jail and delivered them to Bellefountaine’s girlfriend, Mercedes Cullicutt, who was visiting. Bellefountaine, Cullicutt, and former inmate Gregory Morin were indicted for possessing and trafficking drugs.

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