Less Than 4% of Pakistanis Killed by CIA Drone Strikes Named as al-Qaeda Members

Originally published on October 23, 2014, at NationofChange.org

Although the U.S. government claims only confirmed terrorists at the highest level are being targeted in drone strikes, the CIA does not know the names or identities of the majority of people the agency has killed in Pakistan since June 2004. After a decade of drone strikes in Pakistan, less than 4% of the victims have been identified as named members of al-Qaeda. Since the inception of the drone program, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have unconstitutionally murdered at least four American citizens.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the CIA has launched 400 drone strikes in Pakistan killing at least 2,379 people. Only 704 of these drone strike victims have been identified. 295 have been classified as militants belonging to either the Afghan Taliban or the Pakistani Taliban, while only 84 have been positively identified as members of al-Qaeda.

At least 168 Pakistani children have died in drone strikes, but only 99 have been identified by name. Sixty-seven of these children were executed in a drone strike on a madrassa in October 2006 that left 81 civilians dead.

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Demand an End to Rampant Police Brutality

Originally published on August 14, 2014, at ForceChange.com

Target: Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, President of Yemen

Goal: Prosecute security officials guilty of torture, unlawful killings, and other human rights abuses

The government of Yemen has become complicit with human rights abuses taking place by law enforcement officials. Ignoring reports of arbitrary arrests, torture, and illegal executions, the government of Yemen refuses to investigate the perpetrators of these crimes. Such widespread corruption will only lead to further abuses if nobody takes action now.

Numerous reports exist documenting security forces committing unlawful killings. Government forces often utilize excessive force when dealing with protests or demonstrations. Innocent civilian bystanders have been killed as security forces attempt to suppress free speech.

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Revisiting Why the US Government Launched Drones to Kill a 16-yr-old American Citizen

Originally published on November 25, 2013 at WeAreChange.org

Mourning the recent death of his father, Abdulrahman decided to return home after the roads had cleared. Encouraged by his cousins to join an outdoor barbeque on the evening of October 14, 2011, Abdulrahman suddenly heard drones piercing the sky moments before the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles executed him. Methodical in application, the UAVs indiscriminately butchered everyone within his vicinity.

Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi was born in Denver, Colorado. Before his government sanctioned death, he loved hip-hop music and talking with his friends on Facebook. He had been living with his grandparents in Yemen when he ran off in search of his estranged father, Anwar al-Aulaqi, commonly misspelled as “al-Awlaki”.

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